Agents of Change

In 2017 Victoria Police celebrated 100 years of women in policing. This exhibition celebrates the trailblazing, game-changing women that have helped shape Victoria Police since 1917.

Agents of Change features treasures from the early 1900s, uniforms dating from the 1940s through to today, the belongings of some of Victoria's most famous policewomen, and, of course, the famous 1970s police handbag. Agents of Change shines a light on a century of hard work and challenges.

Photo of museum interior

Dark Room: Photographs and stories from Victoria’s 1930s crime scenes

Dark Room features some remarkable images from Victoria Police’s 20th-century crime-scene photography archive.

The photographs document crimes from the 1920s through to the 1940s, and although the events behind many of these scenes are unknown, recent research has unveiled some mysteries and secrets …

Dark Room features images, stories and objects from some of these mysterious crimes.

Photo of an early Melbourne street scene
See some of Victoria Police’s 20th-century crime-scene photography archive from the 1920s through to the 1940s

Reviewed 24 October 2018