Want to know what being a detective is really like? Watch interviews with two of Victoria Police's senior members.

Interview with Ronald Iddles
Detective Senior Sergeant
Homicide Squad Victoria Police

What attracted you to the idea of becoming a detective?


How is the pop culture version of a detective different from the reality of your role?


Do you remember the first case you attended as a detective?


What do you think are the key skills or aspects of detective work?


How important do you consider the use of informants is to detective work?


How do you go about cultivating a relationship with your informants?


You were instrumental in setting up the Cold Case Unit. What was the motivation behind this?


Working in the Homicide Squad you deal with some very confronting situations. How do you deal with this?


What is Brain Fingerprinting?


Is there anything you would like to add on the history of detective work?


Interview with Stephen Fontana
Assistant Commissioner (Crime)
Victoria Police

Why did you join Victoria Police?


How would you describe your passion for the job?


With over 38 years experience in Victoria Police what do you think has been the most significant change in detective work?


How important is the use of forensic science?


Is there anything you would like to add on the history of detective work?

Victoria Police was modelled on the London Metropolitan Police.

Read about the history of the London Metropolitan Police here:


Detective Henderson was well known for his amazing ability to remember the faces of wanted criminals.

Read pages from his Record of Conduct and Service.

service record


service record


service record