Australian Crime Statistics 1900-2000

For an overview on the history of crime in Australia have a read of the article on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

inspecting guns

Detectives inspecting guns and canisters of teargas after a siege. 1968.


wall of mugshots

Detective Rex Byrne in charge of the Consorting Branch, examining a wall of mugshots. 1960.


criminal investigation

Criminal Investigation Branch member inspecting firearms. Circa 1930s.


Crime scene photograph

Crime scene photograph of the 'Brownout Murders' during World War II.


A Detective of Exemplary Character

Frederick Milne

Highlighting the dangers of the job, Detective Frederick Milne's wife died when their house was bombed. A criminal under investigation by Milne was suspected of the bombing, but no one was ever charged.

Record of Conduct and Service

Despite this traumatic event, Detective Milne remained committed to his job as a detective as his Record of Conduct and Service shows.


Grace Brebner

Grace Brebner

Grace Brebner was the first female detective in Australia. This grainy image was taken in 1956 and appeared in the Police Life magazine with an interview with detective Brebner, who was still somewhat of a novelty, being the only woman on the job.


A Day in the Life of the Consorting Squad

Herald Article

Newspaper article Underworld Police by Alan Dower. Published in the Herald, Saturday April 11,1959.