Things of Fire and Ash

In February 2013, the Victoria Police Museum collaborated with a group of young people from the Kinglake Youth Centre to create the exhibition, Things of Fire and Ash. The exhibition consisted of photographic portraits and personal stories of 11 young people who experienced the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. Each chose an object that was meaningful to them that they could use to share their experience of the disaster and its aftermath.

See the beautiful portraits and read the stories of these 11 brave young people here:

The Smouldering Stump Association website

The online version of the exhibition has been created as part of The Smouldering Stump Association website, a charitable organisation devoted to raising awareness about the ongoing effects of Post Traumatic Stress after natural disasters such as the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.

The association aims to provide information and resources for those affected and raise funds to support children and young people in their continuing journey of recovery. Read about the Association's Mission here:

Not So Innocent Objects

Sometimes, ordinary objects hide dark or unusual stories behind their seemingly unremarkable exteriors. Not So Innocent Objects is a Google Earth video tour that focuses on objects from museums that, at first glance, appear typical or ordinary, but in fact, tell an intriguing story relating to crime.  Developed by Collections Australia Network and the Victoria Police Museum.