Years 9 - 12

In this program students learn about arrest procedures, re-enact an arrest and discuss basic facts relating to Victoria’s legal system. Students will view displays exploring early criminal investigation techniques; they will encounter some of Melbourne’s most notorious criminals; discuss the history of crime and punishment in Australia and view evidence recovered from real crime scenes.

Cost: Free (Gold Coin Donations welcome)
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

VELS Curriculum Links

Domain Dimension
Civics and Citizenship Civics knowledge and understanding.
The Humanities: History Historical knowledge and understanding. Historical reasoning and interpretation.
Communication Listening, viewing, responding, presenting.
Thinking Processes Reasoning, processing and inquiry. Creativity, reflection, evaluation.

Australian Curriculum Links –
General Capabilities

Critical and creative thinking Ethical behaviour
Reflecting on thinking, actions and processes Understanding ethical concepts and issues
Analysing, evaluating, synthesising information Reflecting on personal ethics in experiences and decisions
Inquiring-identifying, exploring and clarifying information Exploring values, rights and ethical principals
Generating innovative ideas and possibilities  

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Law & Order - Prisoner Records
Law & Order - Prisoner Records