Years 7 - 10

Students examine the history of the Kelly Gang from the perspective of police involved in the case. They view original objects and documents including Dan Kelly’s and Steve Hart’s armour. Students will be challenged by what they hear from those who were directly impacted by the Gang’s actions and will be asked to question the popular depiction of Ned Kelly as a Robin Hood figure.

Please note: This program has been designed to complement programs on the history of Ned Kelly at the State Library of Victoria and Old Melbourne Gaol. The Victoria Police Museum, The State Library of Victoria and Old Melbourne Gaol have the largest and most significant collections of original artefacts and sites relating to the history of the Kelly Gang. We encourage teachers to arrange visits to each of these museums. Teachers can plan a whole day excursion and participate in all three programs or visit each museum separately over the course of a term. For information on the programs at the State Library of Victoria and Old Melbourne Gaol please visit the websites below. For more information on how to coordinate a full-day excursion phone (03) 9247 5304.

Visit: > Contesting Kelly - State Library of Victoria Website
Visit: > Courtroom Dramas - The Old Melbourne Gaol

Cost: Free (Gold Coin Donations welcome)
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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Domain Dimension
The Humanities: History Historical knowledge and understanding. Historical reasoning and interpretation.
Thinking Processes Reasoning, processing and inquiry. Creativity, reflection, evaluation.

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Historical Skills
Historical questions and research
Analysis and use of sources
Perspectives and interpretations

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